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Stay Home. Stay Safe.
But Keep Loving Theatre.


Here at Bottom Dog, we like you have found ourselves with time at home. Usually we make live performances. Usually we put our work on stages across this country. However, neither of those things are options for us right now. So over the past few weeks, we used our time to revisit past productions, edit and prepare some of them for online viewing. We shared five of our best shows weekly on Thursdays at 8pm, aiming to emulate the theatre experience with a show, an interval, and some great entertainment. There was no fee, but we encouraged donations and many were very generous. So thanks for joining us, and taking a break from Netflix, Disney + and the telly to enjoy some Bottom Dog Theatre.


On Saturday 15th September 2018, Limerick Council supported Bottom Dog to celebrate a landmark ten years of making theatre in and for Limerick. Thank you to everyone who supported our fundraising gala and contributed to making it such a success. Thanks to the funds raised that evening, we were able to present our 15th production A WILDE FAN - a new play by Myles Breen. It was funded entirely by you the audience, and we couldn't be prouder and more grateful of that fact. We had plans to tour the show in Autumn and hoping that still might be a possibility. Until then we look forward to bringing you, our friends and supporters in Limerick and further afield, another evening of wonderful theatre - with heart, passion and that unmistakable Bottom Dog bite.


12 Years

15 Main Stage Productions

8 Shows Toured

40+ Venues Nationally

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12 Seasons of Rehearsed Readings

48 Plays

33 Directors

150+ Actors

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School Presentations

University Scene Study Classes

Theatre Practitioner Workshops

Youth Theatre co-productions

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Our Mission

To keep the professional practice of theatre alive in Limerick.

We empower theatre artists to base themselves in their native city working collaboratively and creatively, while at all times prioritising the creation of challenging productions that offer direct employment and encourage their commitment to a career in the theatre.

Bottom Dog are committed to

An ensemble of writers, directors and actors based in the city, earning and spending in the local economy.

Creating direct employment by showcasing the work of local theatre makers both in Limerick and on tour nationally and, when the opportunity arises, internationally.

Re-imagining classic and contemporary theatre for our audiences, while at the same time presenting bold new plays created through ensemble.

Engaging with Limerick’s communities by presenting work that appeals across ages and locales, and continues to develop new audiences for theatre in the region.

Collaborating with artists from other disciplines whenever possible - such as dance, music and multimedia - to create innovative, experiential and exciting theatre.

To serve as a cultural ambassador for the city by continuing to tell the stories of the world to Limerick, and the stories of Limerick to the world.


2009 - until now

Language UnBecoming A Lady

by Myles Breen

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The Bachelor of Kilkish

by Myles Breen

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What Happened Bridgie Cleary

by Tom MacIntyre

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A Chip In The Sugar

by Alan Bennett

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A Christmas Carol

by Charles Dickens

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Killer Kabaret

by Bottom Dog Theatre

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Romeo & Juliet

by William Shakespeare

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Elegies for Angels, Punks and Raging Queens

by Bill Russell and Janet Hood

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by Myles Breen and Mike Finn

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The Revenger's Tragedy

by Mike Finn

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Off The Wall

by Myles Breen, Mike Finn and Liam O'Brien

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Sunday Nights at One Pery Square Hotel





The Bottom Dogs

Liam O'Brien

Artistic Director

Actor / Director / Producer

Myles Breen

Founding Member

Writer / Director / Actor

John Murphy

Ensemble Member

Director / Actor / Writer

Limerick's first ever professional youth theatre co-production


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